This three story 8,700 sf private residence is situated on a corner lot in the historic Old Town neighborhood of Chicago.

A one story high limestone wall surrounding the entire site creates a plinth for the upper two stories, which appear to float above the plinth and are separated from it by a glass clerestory. This plinth houses the more public entertaining functions of the house while the private quarters are on the upper floors. The interior of the house is organized around a grand stairway built of solid mahogany linking all of the floors and continuing up to a roof deck.

The upper floors are clad in red and orange strips of terra cotta; combined with the limestone, these materials relate to the traditional materials of the neighborhood while the design maintains a contemporary style. Interior materials include travertine floors and primavera wood paneling.

Completed: 2008
Architect: Lohan Anderson

Seigle House, Chicago, Illinois