This two story, 43,000 sf dining pavilion is nestled in among the trees on the grounds of Ravinia, summer home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Because of the park’s isolation and because of the informal setting of the concerts, on site dining, whether in a restaurant or a picnic on the lawn, has long been a feature of the Ravinia experience.

The dining pavilion offers four separate food service venues. On the ground floor are the to-go “Le Café” and the buffet dining room “Mirabelle”, both replacing similar, earlier venues. New to Ravinia are the second floor more formal dining experiences, the fine dining restaurant and bar “Park View” and private dining banquet rooms.

Roof overhangs and a recessed first floor allow for outdoor protected dining. The steel structure is clad with mahogany and large expanses of glass.

Completed: 2007
Architect and Interior Designer: Lohan Anderson

Ravinia Festival Dining Pavilion, Highland Park, Illinois