Ameritech Center is a 1,300,000 sf suburban corporate office facility built for the Midwestern telecommunications giant formed after the 1980’s breakup of AT&T. The 240 acre site, located 30 miles northwest of Chicago, was master planned for 4,000,000 square feet of development. Phase I is a four level office building flanked on each end by two level parking structures holding 3,960 cars.

The massing consists of four 35,000 square foot per floor “L” shaped building blocks, separated by 30 foot wide sky lit gallerias, that pinwheel around a central full height atrium, then mirror about a central axis to create a symmetrical chateau. The two atriums serve as informal break out areas and are enlivened by fountains and bamboo trees. A cable suspended walkway runs through the gallerias for general circulation between offices and the centrally located cafeteria, conference center, and wellness center.

In the office wings, private offices are located in the center of each wing with glass fronts, while open work stations are located at the exterior and galleria perimeters. Highly reflective horizontal light shovels at the window wall scoop sunlight into the interior while screening direct sunlight from the windows.

The steel frame structure is clad with granite from Minnesota. Interior finishes include Minnesota limestone, Venetian plaster, and floor tiles patterned after traditional Midwestern quilts.

Completed: 1991
Architect : Lohan Associates

Ameritech Corporate Headquarters, Hoffmann Estates, Illinois