170 acres of mature forest and varying topography located on the banks of the Cahaba River south of Birmingham, Alabama was master planned for 1,300,000 square feet of office, training and operations for a major bank holding company.

The first phase built was a 460,000 sf administrative office facility consisting of two six story linear stand-alone buildings sited along the tops of two parallel ridges, with a cafeteria pavilion spanning the ravine between them. Beneath the cafeteria bridge a waterfall emerges from the forest and flows into a large man-made lake. Circulation corridors and employee break out areas with floor to ceiling glass walls are located along the perimeters of the office buildings facing the ravine. The reception areas of the office buildings are designed to recall traditional bank teller counters.

A combination of surface and structured parking for 1,500 cars, located on the downhill side of each ridge, is terraced and heavily landscaped to provide screening from views.

The office buildings sit on plinths of local fieldstone; in addition to the sheer glass walls facing the ravine, the upper floors of the buildings are clad in granite with punched openings for windows.

Completed: 1995
Architect: Lohan Associates

Amsouth Bancorporation, Hoover, Alabama