TRW, Inc. purchased the 137 acre historical Bolton Estate in northeast suburban Cleveland for its corporate headquarters. The high tech company sought to entice and retain employees through a holistic environment that balanced humanity, technology, and corporate objectives and that found expression in its new home. The building was carefully sited to minimize its impact on the existing forest.

The decentralized plan of this 450,000 sf office building consists of four narrow pavilions rotated around a central atrium that serves as a meeting and socializing space, a circulation hub, and as a means of bringing natural light into the center of the building. Employee parking for 625 cars is located beneath the building underground and the atrium also becomes the front door entry for the employees. Private offices are located inboard to maximize views and natural light for all employees. The exterior walls are recessed six feet from the structural frame to shade windows from direct light. This shading allowed the use of clear glass that gives the building a rare transparency. Aluminum louvers set into the structural frame provide further shading from the summer sun.

In addition to office space, the building houses exhibition, dining, and auditorium spaces. The steel structure is clad with bronze anodized aluminum. Verde Antique marble clads the exposed stair towers, and local sandstone is used for the building base as well as for site amenities, including bridges and retaining walls.

Several works of contemporary sculpture were discreetly placed throughout the site, including an original piece designed by architect, Dirk Lohan. The original estate mansion was renovated as a corporate guest house, and the formal gardens surrounding the house were restored.

Completed: 1985
Architect and Interior Designer: Lohan Associates

TRW World Headquarters, Lyndhurst, Ohio