This proposal was intended to create a new urban presence for the existing Bank of America office tower and its plaza. New buildings proposed include a parking garage across the street and an “Ice Cube” on the plaza.

The twelve-level, 1058 car parking garage was proposed to replace surface parking, thereby increasing the parking capacity and creating and extended plaza. A robotic parking system was proposed whereby cars are left in docking bays on the ground and mechanically transported to a parking bay in the building; this efficient system minimizes the footprint of the structure by eliminating driving ramps. The structure was designed to be a net-zero building with a green roof and cladding of glass photovoltaic panels.

The 50x50x50 foot “Ice Cube” is a glass structure immersed in a constant flow of water from its roof. Inside is a three level, high-end destination restaurant. The Ice Cube, illuminated at night, would introduce a kinetic and magical quality to the plaza and its suite of buildings.

Completed: 2010
Architect and Interior Designer: Lohan Anderson

Bank of America Plaza, Dallas, Texas