Formal principles were used to organize this 250 acre largely empty prairie, which was master planned for 3.3 million sf of development. A centrally located horseshoe shaped ring road around an existing lake creates a front lawn for the buildings planned to front on the boulevard. An additional three ponds were constructed as wetland remediation; other site amenities include thousands of new trees, native wetland plantings, jogging and walking paths, and a heliport.

The first building constructed was a four story, 1,300,000 sf corporate office building for Ameritech. The massing of the building consists of four 35,000 sf per floor ā€œLā€ shaped building blocks, separated by 30 foot wide sky lit gallerias, that pinwheel around a central full height atrium, then mirror about a central axis to create a symmetrical chateau. Ghost footprints of these pinwheels were spun out over the entire site to create future building pads.

ā€‹Completed: 1991
Architect and Planner:Ā Lohan Associates

Ameritech Corporate Headquarters, Hoffman Estates, Illinois