Vartahamnen is one of the largest port areas in Stockholm, covering 107,000 square meters. It serves passenger ferries, freight, and fossil fuel tankers. The City of Stockholm wished to develop this area so in the year 2000 a competition was held to design a new port extending further into the bay.

The master plan included an additional land area of 208,000 square meters for a total of 316,000 square meters. The new development would include office, retail, residential, and hotel. The expanded pier would house entertainment and parking as well as harbor facilities. The total development area would be 585,000 square meters.

In the year 2002, the competition was expanded to include more specific designs for the residential portion of the site, including residential unit layouts and public space landscape and hardscape design.

Completed: 2002, 2002
Architect and Planner: Lohan Associates (2000), Lohan Caprile Goettsch (2002)
Associate Architect and Planner: Ahlqvist & Almqvist arkitekter AB

Vartahamnen Mixed-Use Complex, Stockholm, Sweden